Here at we are not out to make a profit, but we are no angels either. We started the project originally because we wanted to stick it to essay writing companies that had screwed us over. In other words, we wanted revenge on the ones that wronged us. However, what we found was that the scammers tended to disappear off the Internet very quickly to escape their negative reputation. We found ourselves posting negative reviews about websites that had been taken down and removed months ago.

So, What Changed?

Once we accepted the fact that we couldn’t take any form of online revenge on the essay writing services that gave us poor service or took our money, we took a different approach. We decided to review as many essay writing services as we could and only write about the best ones. That way, the poor quality companies would die out through lack of custom, and we were denying the scamming companies the chance to rip anybody else off.

How Do We Make Our Money?

We know that some students are nervous about making orders with essay writing companies for fear of somebody linking their name with that of a custom written essay, so we put the orders in for them in our name. We do it on behalf of the students for a small fee from them. It is mutually beneficial because we get the chance to review the essay writing service, and the students get an extra layer of confidentiality.

Student Testimonial And Our Thoughts

Our reviews are updated whenever we find a new essay writing service that is worthy of note, and whenever an essay writing company goes out of business. We create our own reviews based on the tests and orders we make. In addition, we take testimonials from students we work with. They are often willing to give a testimonial, but are unwilling to put it in their name, so we add it to our review notes when posting on our website.

Are We Paid By Essay Writing Services?

We are not paid or sponsored by any form of writing service. It is not an issue in our business because it only tends to be poor quality writing services that offer sponsorship deals. The high quality writing services do not need to pay for positive reviews because they get them organically (through being good at what they do). We may put adverts for other companies on our website eventually, but at the moment, we hope to keep this a not-for-profit website.