We have found that this company produces the best dissertations for three distinct reasons. Firstly, it is clear that they employ people that work exclusively on dissertations, which means they are both efficient and highly skilled at it because it is all they do during their working week. Secondly, every order we have received seems to be littered with signals that either the writers are going above and beyond when it comes to research, or that their writers actually have industry experience that gives their dissertations an edge (we assume it is the latter). Thirdly, they are clearly keeping abreast of current academic developments and curriculums because their work is always very up to date.

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They are the people you turn to if you want the best dissertation possible. They have undergraduate, master and doctoral services, and they are able to edit your dissertation if you have written one yourself. They do produce the best dissertations in their price range while also offering other writing services. Though, we feel their strengths really lie with their dissertation writing services. Having one of their team write something else seems a little bit like overkill. Their writers are obviously expert dissertation writers, and we do not think the company would suffer if they cut back their service so that it only included dissertation services.


Once you get to the bestdissertation.com prices page, you may need to scroll down past a lot of white space in order to find the quoting tool. You may have to do this because the web design needs updating. The bestdissertations.com website allows you to use their quoting tool without having to sign up or wait for your quote. It gives you a choice of prices in real-time, and there is no obligation to buy or need to enter your personal details until after you have created your order. If you are willing to wait two months, then it will cost you around $17.99 per page. If you need some of your work doing within the next 48 hours, then it will cost you around $34.99 per page.


This essay service promises 100% satisfaction every time, and our experience has come to show that claim to be true. We have not found any other dissertation services that produce work that is even on the same level as this company. Their dissertation efforts are about as good as you are going to get in this price range. The next step up is to either hire a consultancy company for thousands of dollars, or bribe your professors. Our highest compliments to this company for somehow producing work of this quality.


The best dissertation team has a US phone number that is toll free, and they have an online chat system that allows you to contact their customer service department over the Internet. Their team operates 24/7, so you may make contact at whatever time of night you wish. The customer service team seemed to be okay. We cannot say we were bowled over by their responses, but we were not disappointed either.


The only real negative point we have about this company is the www.bestdissertation.com website itself. The design is not very advanced in aesthetic terms, and they have clearly muddled up their website’s responsive design. For example, if you have the website on a full screen, then the content looks a little too stretched out, and if you try it with different viewing sizes, then there are big white spaces where it is clear some elements have incorrectly fixed sizes. All of this doesn’t affect the usability of the website in a big way, but it is a mild irritant that we were not expecting.

Our Final Opinion

Many bestdissertation.com reviews mention their prices and so must we. They offer longer deadlines because dissertations tend to take longer, and as a result, they are able to offer some of the best prices on the Internet. They do it without skimping on the quality of the work. They are able to do it because they are able to allow their writers a longer period of time in which to complete their work. The standard of written content they produce is fantastic, and they are somehow doing it at a very low price. We strongly recommend you make your orders quickly before they wise up and start raising their prices.